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The best yard is a clean yard.

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As an homeowner in beautiful Columbia, South Carolina and dog owner you do your best to maintain a clean and beautiful  but yard at the same time you know how difficult it is to do. Between your work and your children you have a lot of responsibility and sometimes things get overlooked. At Palmetto Scoopers we’re here to tell you that with our help, your lawn will be free of landmines all year round, but there’s a catch…we’ll need your help to find those landmines, each and every time we pay a visit to your home. Today we’re going to share some helpful tips that will allow us to do the best job possible when it comes to helping you maintain your yard.

Access to Your Yard
When we arrive at your home we need to be able to access your yard. On your scheduled day of service please make sure that your gate is unlocked, even more so if you plan to be away from home on the day we come to clean. If you need help with a lock, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide one to you as a part of our service. If we aren’t able to access your yard, we won’t be able to clean it. You’ll be asked to reschedule and unfortunately will still need to charge you for that day of service.

Cut Your Grass
When we send a technician to clean up the poo from your yard, it’s important that they’re able to find everything your dog has left behind. You can help our technicians find all the poop by making sure that your grass is cut and not overgrown. Yards are also breeding grounds for biting insects like mosquitoes, so you should trim your yard to about three inches. After that, it’s best to maintain the shape of your lawn.

Trash and Debris
For the safety of our technicians please make sure that all trash and debris is contained before we send someone to your home. When water is allowed to collect in debris, insects such as the above mentioned mosquito will lay their eggs and breed. If we arrive and find that conditions are unsuitable for our employees to work, your yard will not be cleaned and you’ll still be charged for our service.

We’re more than happy to clean your yard while your dog is out. However we can only do this if your dog is not aggressive. If your dog is aggressive we ask that he be kept inside while we do our job. Once again this is simply for the safety of your employees and pets as well.

Once we finish cleaning up your yard of pet waste we’ll leave it just the way we found it. We’ll even leave treats for your dog(s) before we go!


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