Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe During The Christmas Holidays

1. Lace up those walking boots
Walks are good for a dog’s mental and physical health – he wants to explore his local environment and see who lives where as much as he wants to explore, chase and have fun with you. Plan some longer walks with other friends with dogs, because getting out in the countryside or park can be much more enjoyable than Christmas shopping.

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2. A pet’s Christmas dinner only has to happen once a year
If you like to give your dog a special meal for Christmas dinner, then remember to cut back on his breakfast and treats that day. Too large a meal can cause digestive problems, so if your dog really can’t miss Christmas dinner try adding small amounts of the special food to his normal dinner instead.

3. Keep your vet’s number close
Christmas provides dogs with lots of temptation: foods they shouldn’t eat, presents they shouldn’t destroy and changes in their routine and environment which may cause extra stress. Find out what hours your vet is planning over the Christmas period to ensure there’s emergency cover if you need it.

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4. The larger the present the better
Christmas is definitely for dogs, but they don’t need huge extravagant presents, the more time and attention they get with you the happier they’ll be. Try different games, walks and trips out with your dog – you’ll both enjoy it.

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5. Christmas trees are just trees with extras to dogs
Don’t be surprised if your dog leaves you a “biological” gift under the Christmas tree. To your dog, this is the ultimate convenience, the outdoors brought inside. Try marking sprays and firm commands if this becomes a frequent problem. If you’ve got a climber, then hang tempting treats and baubles on harder to reach branches. This will surely make things interesting around the tree.


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