Top 5 Things To Do With Your Dog In The Fall

After surviving the long hot and humid days of the summer we all enjoy it when the days begin to cool down after the sun goes down.  And our dogs enjoys that it has gotten cooler as well. Now that cooler temperatures has arrived, your dog will have more energy and more stamina for being outdoors and enjoying all the fall activities. There are a several activities that are specific to the fall season that our dogs will enjoy doing outside.

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  • Football– Most dogs don’t do well with a regular football unless it’s an Great Dane or the ball is flat,  an foam doggie sized football would be ideal for a great game of fetch and tackle (be careful tackling, of course). Larger dogs especially enjoy the rough and tumble fun and exercise of a fall game of football.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Jack Russell Terrier leaping to catch thrown football in park                                                                                                     photo credited by doglab
  • Hiking– Now the days have cooled down, taking a hike with your dog is a perfect , not like during the heat of summer days. Choose a trail your dog can wander for a few hours, we are sure that  he’ll enjoy all that sniffing and exploring, when it is cool enough to do so comfortably without needing as many water breaks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Related image                                                                                                         photo credit to sacbee
  • Go For An Walk-It’s the number one activity that tires out a pup with lots of energy like a long brisk walk. Some dogs can endure longer walks than others, be sure to consider your dog’s health, what the temperature is outside, and always bring snacks to give them energy, like treats and water. Each time you both go for an walk you can add a quarter mile to the walk each month if you dog can endure an long walk until you can do an 2 or 3 mile walk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Image result for dogs on a trail                                                                 photo credit to eyahomes
  • Go to the pumpkin patch-It will soon be gourd season and that’ll be an great activity that your dog can help you find the perfect pumpkin to carve for a paw o lantern. Most pumpkin patches allow dogs, only if they are on an  leash and their parents clean up after them. I’d advise that you call or look online to check the rules at your local pumpkin patch before arriving with your pup.                                                                              Image result for dogs in pumpkin patch                                                                                    photo credit to simplyscarlet

Get out and enjoy the comfortable Fall weather with your dog everyday to spend some quality time.

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