What is BiOWiSH™?
BiOWiSH™ is a proprietary technology that accelerates enzymatic bio-chemical reactions, up to thousands of times faster than their normal speed. Because of its speed, BiOWiSH™ significantly enhances biological processes and consequently eliminates odor, breaks down organic waste, improves soil condition, increases energy production, and promotes human and animal health, among others. BiOWiSH™ enzymes treatments rapidly breaks down organic waste and odor causing compounds found in urine or feces. It removes odors at the source (does not mask them) and has a natural anti-bacterial action. BiOWiSH™ enzymes rapidly digest waste products comprising of fats, protein, carbohydrates and cellulose into their final end products of carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, oxygen, water and heat energy.

Where can BiOWiSH™ Enzyme treatments be applied?
Patios, Decks, Dog Runs, Landscaping Rocks, Artificial Turf, Pens, Stables, and Kennels almost anywhere unpleasant odor is an issue.

Is BiOWiSH™ Safe?
BiOWiSH™ enzyme treatments are completely safe to use around pets, all animals, plants and grass. It is actually beneficial to the environment.100% organic Natural Biodegradable Non-toxic Chemical free.

How Often Should an area be treated?
One application may be enough to eliminate or reduce the unpleasant odor. If the area has had significant use, especially urine that has penetrated the dirt or if the rock bed is several inches deep, additional applications may be necessary to completely eliminate the odor.If the area is repeatedly and continually being used by your dog or cat, regular treatments are recommended, as the enzyme treatments will help past use, but not future use.

How is the BiOWiSH™ Treatment applied?
Our service technician will use a pump sprayer to apply the enzyme solution. All we require is your hose/water to wet the area as the longer the area stays wet, the longer the enzymes will be active to destroy the odor causing bacteria. After applying the solution, it is left to air dry. No rinsing is needed.

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