Adopt An Cat Month Is June

Did you know that June is adopt an cat month? Most pet lovers may not be aware of this and we like to help shine some light on it. And why we should all adopt an cute furiend this month. All animals deserve to have an forever home with an loving family. The ASPCA has rescued many kitties and given them an home until they find an family purfect for them. As we all know the cat population is an increasingly becoming an problem in local communities across the USA due to most felines not having homes. There’s several million stray cats running around America in need of an good home. I encourage everyone to take action! Go out to your nearest shelter and adopt an feline to help give our shelter’s across the nation deal with overcrowding. The American Humane estimates that millions of kittens are born into shelters each year looking for an home. Please help your local animal shelter out by going out and adopting one of these cute kitties this month! There are several shelters in the Columbia, South Carolina area that would appreciate your contribution here are the names of a few Pawmetto Lifeline, Pets Inc and The Humane Society are several places you may go locally.


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