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Columbia, SC (WIS News 10) – Interview with Courtney Ceacal, Owner of Palmetto Scoopers. The importance of cleaning up pet waste. Dangers of Dog and Cat Waste.”

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COLUMBIA, SC (WACH, FOX NEWS) — Courtney Ceacal is the owner of Palmetto Scoopers, a company that started with the sudden passing of his dog, Tiger. “We had an autopsy done on him and the vet let us know it was from him eating his dog waste. I wanted to start something to help educate my community on why they should pick it up.”

APAWS We are a member of APAWS, The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists.



Courtney Ceacal, President-Palmetto Scoopers

What do we do?

We keep your home clean and barefoot-friendly by removing dog and cat waste from your yard and litter box(s). We will also change out the litter in your cat’s box to ensure that your pet stays hygienic and healthy. We’re fast, friendly, and we’ll take the waste with us for proper disposal at no extra cost to you.

How do we do it?

For removing dog waste, we have a special poop pail and rake, complete with lavender scented waste bags. We have a heavy-duty scooper for homes with larger dogs. For disinfecting cat litter boxes, we are careful to use only pet-friendly cleaning products. And at all times we are careful to wear latex gloves and other safety materials.
There are a few things to consider when choosing the service that is right for you. We’ll ask you questions like:
– How long has it been since your yard was last cleaned?
– How many dogs/ cats do you own?
– How big is your yard?
– Is there a dog pen or runner?
Our price will change very little depending upon the size of your yard and the amount of waste on-site. We don’t require you to be home when we clean,but if you are home when we arrive we are more than happy to introduce ourselves, meet your pets, and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.
We don’t require your dogs to be inside when we clean. If your dog is nervous or doesn’t do well around strangers, let us know during the initial quote, and we can discuss the best times for us to come by.

Why Choose Palmetto Scoopers?

We are a locally owned and operated company, and we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional staff. Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we will always make sure to do a quick and thorough job so that your home is as clean and safe as possible!
Hiring Palmetto Scoopers means that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning up after your beloved furry companions. And not only that, but you’ll be making the environmentally friendly choice: we always take care to dispose of pet waste properly to avoid the spread of bacteria, parasites, and pathogens into waterways, or other areas where they may cause harm.
Additionally, we donate a portion of all our profits to local rescue organizations and animal shelters. We care just as passionately about your pets as you do, and want to make sure that every animal has a chance to find their forever home!

We are fully Licensed and Insured.

Why Is It Important to Properly Dispose of Pet Waste?

It is a common misconception that pet waste breaks down quickly, or that it acts as a fertilizer for your lawn or garden. In actuality, pet waste can pose serious health and environmental risks if not disposed of in the correct manner.
Dangers of Dog Waste:
– The EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) places dog waste in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil.
– There are approximately 50 million registered dogs in the U.S., and altogether they produce about 5,000 tons of waste daily. That’s up to 3.6 billion pounds of poop a year, or enough to fill 800 football fields one foot deep in poo!
– Contrary to what many people believe, dog waste cannot be used as fertilizer.
– Stormwater carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways.
– A pile of dog poop can take a year or more to fully breakdown. It won’t just wash away or disappear, and can pose a serious health risk to yourself and your family if not taken care of.
– Dog waste can attract mice and other pests, and can become infested with harmful bacteria or parasites that can infect your pet.
– A single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria,as well as hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms, E.coli,and salmonella.
– Accidentally ingesting pet waste (through a water supply,etc.) can cause serious kidney disorders, intestinal illnesses, cramps, and diarrhea in humans.
Dangers of Cat Waste:
– Like dog waste, cat waste is placed at the same level of danger as toxic chemicals and oil by the EPA.
– It is estimated that cats in the U.S. alone produce at least 1.2million tons of waste each year.
– Cat waste cannot be used as fertilizer.
– Cat poop can carry the parasite toxoplasma gondii, which can cause flu-like symptoms in adults, but is extremely dangerous to anyone who has a weak immune system or is otherwise immuno-comprised. If a woman is infected with this parasite while pregnant, the fetus may develop symptoms as well.
– Cat waste can also carry strains of E.coli and roundworm parasites, both of which can be transferred to humans or other pets.
– Cat urine, if left unchanged in the litter box, can emit ammonia into the air and can cause allergic reactions in humans. Highly concentrated amounts of ammonia in the air can even cause illnesses like pneumonia or bronchitis.

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