Service Plans

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Service Plans

What Services Do We Offer?
– Dog Waste Removal: We drop by on a weekly basis to remove all the dog waste from your yard and garden. This also includes cleaning your deck or patio, all at no extra charge. Cleaning outdoor kennels and dog pens are $10.00 extra per month if added to a quarterly plan.
– Cat Waste Removal and Litter Box Sanitation: Once a week, we come by and empty out your cat’s litter box. We’ll also change out the litter and sanitize the box to avoid the spread of any bacteria or parasites that could be harmful to you or your pet.
If you don’t want us to come in to clean your litter box for you, we’ll still take the soiled litter away! Just bag it up and set it out for us on the day we’re scheduled to clean your yard, and we’ll take it with us along with the doggie waste for a small additional fee.
– Urine Spot Cleaning: If your pet has had an accident in your home that you’d like cleaned,we can use pet-safe cleaning agents to breakdown the urine and remove the spot completely. Not only will you be rid of a stain,but properly cleaning up urine spots helps ensure that your pet won’t keep making the same mistake over and over again. (Call for Price)
– Odor Control: If your pets have left your yard or home smelling less than lovely, we offer odor control services using pet-friendly cleaning and freshening products. (Call for Price)
– Geese and Duck waste removal: If you own geese or ducks(or just happen to live in a home where they like to hangout), we are happy to stop by and clean up the waste from our feathered friends as well. (Call for Price)
Urine Spot
Available Service Plans
Once you decide that Palmetto Scoopers is the right solution for your pet waste needs, we’ll set your home up on our route and stop by each week to scoop the poop from your yard. Most of the time, you won’t even know we’re there! We’ll leave your yard just as we found it (sans the poop, of course), and you and your dog(s) will have a freshly cleaned yard to play in!
Each time we visit, we’ll send you a personalized email letting you know when we arrived and when we leave the premises. We’ll also include a message of how many pre-paid weeks you have left on your account. For example,if you purchased one of our popular biweekly packages, after the first visit your email and/or text will state that you have used 1 out of the 16 weeks purchased.
We offer a special twice-a-week service for a flat rateof $75/4 weeks, which is only $18.$75 per week; after 2 months of service it will return to normal rate of $110.00/4 weeks.
This is a prepaid service plan; once you sign up, we’ll drop by twice a week to scoop the poop from your yard and keep your home BBQ-ready!
Services can only be suspended for a maximum of 4 weeks from last service date without being charged a cleaning fee of $20.00 for resuming your service. Fee may be waived in certain cases.
Prices might vary depending on yard size and dog size/breed.

Commercial Services

If you’re a landlord or owner of an apartment complex or other dog-friendly establishment, we’re happy to offer a one-time service to help keep your property waste-free.
With businesses like pet rescue foundations, guard dog protected properties, pet-friendly apartment complexes,etc. that have higher numbers of dogs on-site, we generally recommend weekly maintenance services.

New! Odor Neutralizer Spray $39.00 per application.

Every other week service $30.00 a month for 1 dog.
Add $8.00 for each additional dog.

Once a Week Service
1 or 2 Dog Plan – Once a Week Service

3 Dog Plan – Once a Week Service

Twice a Week Service

2 Dog Plan – Twice a Week Service

3 Dog Plan – Twice a Week Service

Three Times a Week Service

2 Dog Plan – Three Times a Week Service

3 Dog Plan – Three Times a Week Service

Cat Litter Box Service

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